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Do Catholics Read The Bible?


The simple answer is:  Of Course We Do!  And even if it's true that private reading among Catholics could stand

improvement, the Church itself reads nearly the entire Bible every 3 years to Catholics who attend Mass! (Two years if you attend daily Mass).  There are 2 readings everyday except on Sunday where there are 3 readings from the Bible.  Also there is a sprinkling throughout the Mass of the prayers the priest prays or the responses from the congregation which are quotes directly from the Bible.

Catholics are also encouraged to read the Bible for personal devotion and study outside of Mass. Additionally, there are many excellent Bible studies held at parishes around the world.  Why not dust off that family Bible and read a few verses everyday!  Better yet, why not pick up a reasonably sized Bible for everyday use?

Great Translation - The Knox Bible!

Where did the Bible originate?  Men wrote the Bible and God chose to work through these men to get it done. It was decided by the Catholic Church which books to include in the Bible in about the year 397 or so.

The Catholic Church celebrates, lives, and teaches everything through the Scriptures. And if anyone questions if Catholics read the Bible, you can honestly say, "The Catholic Church is the most biblical church in all of Christianity."

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