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Holy Water...What's It All About?

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Holy water, a sacramental, is used in many ways within the Church.  The first precepts of the use of holy water are attributed to the Apostle Matthew within the Apostolic constitutions which date to about the year 400.  Holy water is made holy by the Blessing of a priest by using one of the forms from the Order of Blessings or Roman Ritual.

Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics

Here are some ways Catholics use holy water:

Blessing one yourself:  As a reminder of baptism, Catholic Christians dip their fingers in the holy water and make the sign of the cross when entering the church.  This act reflects a renewal of baptism, a cleansing of venial sin (Philip Bold, 2008 Catholic Doctrine and Discipline Simply Explained ISBN 1409786102 page 283), as well as providing protection against evil. You should also bless yourself as often as possible.  Having a holy water font at home is a great daily devotion.

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Blessing your home:  Your home is your domestic church.  It is in need of blessing as well.  You can sprinkle holy water yourself (you should) or have a priest visit and formally bless your home.

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Bless your family:  This is a great tradition to begin and use holy water to bless your family each night.  Keeping a bottle of holy water next to your bed is a perfect place for this devotion.

Bless where you work:  If you work outside the home, this would be a great place to bless as well.  You most likely spend many hours at your work space and having a blessing here is a great idea.

Bless your car:  You might spend countless hours here as well and yet it can be one of the most dangerous place you spend time.  Wouldn't you like to have as many blessings while you drive as you can?

Bless your garden:  Blessing where you grow food you eat would also be prudent.  Sanctifying your garden shows your reliance on God.

Bless your animals:  If you have farm animals or pets, why not give them the blessing of God to help keep them safe and away from danger. 

Bless the sick:  If you have family or friends who may be sick, holy water can give God's blessing on them during his time of suffering.

There are probably many other uses for holy water which aren't listed here and a good rule of thumb is that as long as it's being used in a way pleasing to God, just about anything can be blessed.

Proper disposal:

Holy water is not allowed to be disposed of in regular plumbing.  Catholic churches will usually have a special basin (a Sacraium) that leads directly into the ground for the purpose of proper disposal.  However, you can always use the 'extra' holy water you may have by blessing as suggested above.

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